NOTE! Due to the global transport difficulties, we are forced to cancel The Secondhand Women Profile including this performance! The new date for the Profile has been set on 24-27 November. We apologize and thank you for understanding.

The theatre work of the group Secondhand Women has always been a lively mix of contemporary thinking, self-reflection, and sensitive artistic approach. The work of these women belongs to the creative backbone of Alfred ve dvoře.

The legendary Mezzo performance ranks amongst the most interesting project-based theatre performances to be staged in the last ten years. This profile shows the spark that burns between the bold personalities of Helene Kvint, Petra Lustigová, Steffanie Thors, Halka Třešňáková, and Daniela Voráčková.

In Czech and English

Five women over thirty – not girls, not ladies, adequately self-confident and naturally uncertain, who have lived and worked in various countries and have various plans. They are mothers of teenagers, of small babies, or are dubious about whether having children makes sense. All of them are independent artists. All of them see that experience brings peace. They’re at an age “in-between” when they recapitulate and have too many plans.
What does society expect of them? What should they look like? Where does it expect them to be? How does it react to them? They mostly want to be themselves; they know what it means and are ready to defend their freedom of choice. Nearly all of them are criticised for being too manlike, too operational, too independent, and too complicated. Some are married, some only keep lovers. What will the next 30 years look like? All of them are basically quite different, but there are problems they share: works of art versus family versus insecure finances versus skills and talent versus independence versus the need for home versus the image of a good wife. What are women like in the Czech Republic, Iceland, Denmark, or Germany?

Secondhand women is 5 independent women theatre artists over 30, Petra Moře Lustigová mother, Daniela Voráčková mother, Halka Třešňáková mother, Stefania Thors mother and Helene Kvint.
They are from 3 different countries, CZ, ISL and DK. They started to work together and combine their differences in artistic expressions, taken as advantage and not as a starting point of concurrence. They reveal secondhand subjects, subjects that are not first priority to speak about. They work about taboo subjects about women. Their basic inspiration comes from their own life experiences and what they believe in. They discuss personal or intimate feelings, emphasizing the seriousness, of the importance.
Supported by: The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Život umělce Fundation.

First night: 20 November 2005 at Alfred ve dvoře Theatre.

Photo: Jiří Jiráček Photo: Zoran Photo: Jiří Jiráček Photo: Zoran Photo: Zoran