What we do

Our organization Motus has run the program of the unique Alfred ve dvoře Theatre since 2001, providing a platform for a wide spectrum of devised theatre, movement and live arts works and activities, ranging from devised and multimedia performance, physical theatre, performance art, contemporary dance, visual , object, and experimental theatre to other forms not based on dramatic texts. It is a strategic base for independent artists and audiences in the Czech Republic. Every year we provide time and space for artists to create up to eight performance works. Until 2018 they submitted proposals for new works to be created in cooperation with our organization through an open call. (for selection process for future seasons, please see THE FUTURE below). This selection of new works was often arranged around specific clusters of themes:

  • 2011 was the year of Childhood, Adolescence and /or Family. We presented the Czech version of Mammalian Diving Reflex’s HAIRCUTS BY CHILDREN at this time, and supported the creation of Handa Gote Research and Development’s CLOUDS, nominated for Czech Theatre News‘ best “alternative“ [sic] performance of the year, and which has toured to festivals and theatres in Bulgaria, Greece, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, and the USA.

  • 2012 was devoted to projects connected to themes of the Natural World Meets the Political World, including Jakub Folvarčný’s TRAPPED IN THE BODY, Handa Gote Research and Development’s DEEP FOREST, and Andrea Miltnerová’s DANCE OF THE MAGNETIC BALLERINA, selected by the prestigious European network Aerowaves as one of their priority performances for 2013, and which has toured to Denmark, England, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Scotland, and Slovenia.

  • 2013 was devoted to projects connected to the themes of Old age, Death, and Memory, including Handa Gote Research and Development’s MISSION. We also presented the Czech-German version of Mammalian Diving Reflex’s ALL THE SEX I’VE EVER HAD to sold-out houses at the New Stage of the National Theatre. In order to promote connection between Central and East European independent artists and organizations we became co-organizers of IDENTITY.MOVE! an EU CULTURE-funded, two-year project for research in contemporary dance and performance.

  • In 2014 we welcomed projects connected to themes of Identity (Personal, National, Cultural, and other) including Wariot Ideal’s acclaimed GundR and the Ryba řvoucí group’s HAIRWAYS. While we sent Czech artists Petra Tejnorová and Halka Třešňáková to residencies abroad, in Prague we hosted the artistic residencies of artists from Lithuania, Croatia, Germany, and Greece, all through the Identity.Move! program.

  • In 2015 we focussed on the theme of Innovation Meets Tradition and helped produce works like Handa Gote Research and Development’s MUTUS LIBER and ERBEN: DREAMS, and Andrea Miltnerová and Jan Komárek’s TRANZMUTATION. The IDENTITY.MOVE! project culminated in Prague with work-in-progress presentations of 24 innovating artists from 14 Central, East and South-east European countries at the first ever BAZAAR FESTIVAL, which we organized.

  • 2016 was designated as a year devoted to Possible Worlds (and the vertigo that comes from thinking of them) including those of the tYhle group’s HIGHER, Handa Gote Research and Development’s ELEUSIS, the award-winning “spoken opera“ LISTS OF INFINITY by Jiří Adámek, Martin Smolka and the Boca Loca Lab and two Czech-Hungarian co –productions: Halka Třešňáková and László Fülöp’s PLAN B and Rita Gobi and Andrea Miltnerová’s COUNTERPOINT. Artistic director Ewan McLaren decided we should present the 2nd BAZAAR Festival, this time without the support of EU funding programs.

  • 2017 was a “wake-up“ call around the world and we gave space and time to artists working on projects concerned with the theme Back to Reality! For example, the Handa Gote group focussed on the anti-civilizational tendency towards revenge in DIE RACHE, while Jan Mocek’s new work SHADOW MEADOW focussed on the black hole created when we break our own rules and the Ufftenživot group’s KEEP CALM looked with trepidation at the sum of human evolution.

  • For 2018 we have not assigned a theme, but many of the projects seem to follow up on past years by questioning our ability to learn from history. These include EVERYWHEN by the Slovak-Romanian trio of Ferienčíková, Júdová and Timpau, Wariot Ideal’s HLUBINY, Tereza Bartůňková and Jan Čtvrtník’s TAMURA, and others. The fourth BAZAAR FESTIVAL had the theme Searching for a Common Voice.


For the 2019 calendar year new collective artistic leadership (by the performance groups Handa Gote + Wariot Ideal) will be making program selections on an ongoing basis without an open call or set themes.


Motus also presents selected projects from other Czech cities, European and international projects, runs debates and workshops, and initiates events beyond theatre: cultural development activities for an open, democratic society. Motus has also been a leader of international arts projects.

  • Selected projects from other Czech cities, International Projects
    Motus presents remarkable projects created by artists from other Czech cities as well as inspirational international works. Our long-term goal from 2011 to 2018 was to engage in co-creation and exchange of projects, especially with artists from other post-communist countries.

  • Off-site Festivals and Events
    Every year we have produced at least one project “outside the theatre“, such as the Mexican Day of the Dead event in Stromovka park for children and families. Such events have kept us close in touch with our local community. Motus was also a co-initiator of Prague’s Car Free Day, and the resulting Different City Experience street festivals and from 2013-2018 Motus co-organized with the Bio Oko cinema a May the 1st street festival, František’s Loves.

  • Work for Children, Work by Children
    When it can, Motus has also presented new devised theatre work created for children. In the morning hours various devised performances have been presented for secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens. Until June 2018 Motus also ran a successful theatre studio called ALFRED JUNIOR entailing weekly devised performance courses for kids.