I am the motorbike’s motor, you’ve got just one wheel and you´re belted in.
…tear-stained pillows … we threaten with exclamation marks … thin disputes and fat feelings of injustice … women have nightmares too … in the landscape a piece of a beloved body… a great need, great loves …just how sound is the bed under a nighttime I-love-you? … pre-existence, the pre-world of children … time is running out on us … eternal insecurities in the middle of a circle of certainties … joyful, safe loneliness at a man’s side … and the realization that the return is worth it…

A play on the gender topic, with original text, music and stage design using typography as well as calligraphy.
This performance was created with the support of grants from The Czech Literary Fund, the Czech Ministry of Culture, Prague 7, the Charter 77 Foundation and Weleda.

Developed with the support of MOTUS in the Alfred ve dvoře theatre.

You´re just the side-car - Mr Perfect You´re just the side-car / Letters You´re just the side-car / Sash