WE LOVE HOMEWORK ROUNDE 40 - the last edition / Adriatik presents

Really truly the last edition of our popular physical theatre hit parade
performance length: 90 min
popular physical theatre hit-parade
no language barrier
The programme is traditionally presented by: Jan Kalivoda, Jan Beneš, Jan Dőrner, Jan Švejda

I. Complaints and Protests

1.1 The regulations of the Contest will be enforced by the curator of the Contest.
1.2 Protests against the events of the Contest will be accepted only in written form, and only immediately after the event against which the contestor is protesting. Protests can be handed in only to the Program curator, or to one whom he has delegated his representation. The protests will be examined by a commission composed of the curator and the director of the Contest.
1.3 If the commission should arrive at the conclusiong that the Game Regulations of the Contest have been broken, is will also decide on measures designed to right a wrong.
1.4 The decision of the commission is final.

II. Contest Prizes

2.1 The winner of each round of the Contest, with the exception of the winner of the final round of the contest, will receive a foam prize, to be provided by the Organizer.

III. Closing Regulations

3.1 This is the last round of We Love Homework.
3.2 On the basis of a resolution it has been resolved that this last round shall be the fortieth round.
3.3 On this basis the last fortieth round shall be called the thirty ninth round.
3.4 There shall be no further rounds.
3.5 This round is truly the last round, not like it was at the time of the thirtieth round, where it was stated that it was the final round but it wasn’t! Another ten rounds or so followed!

IV. Supplementary regulations

4.1 The Event will be for the last time annoyedly introduced by Jan Beneš, Jan Dörner, Jan Kalivoda and Jan Švejda.
4.2 Bring a snack, ‘cause it is going to be really long this time.