TRAINS – There is a Train Station in my Head

performance length: 50 min
industrial haiku
no language barrier

A concert for the sounds of trains, iron percussion instruments, projected photographs collected in and around train stations, with several performers standing by. A squeaking sound of the old, greasy, bygone world.

The primary inspiration stems from the squeaking sound of brakes and inscriptions on rusting train wagons. The atmosphere of a different time imprinted on old rural train stations and crumbling rusty iron scrap was remoulded in the Trains project into an abstract industrial picture.

Czech railway is like a big, heavy animal that moves ahead to follow its destination created many, many years ago. It has been changing though, or it has just started to undergo a change, to be more exact, into a modern means of transport we are familiar with from our neighbouring countries. However, our interest lies in those relics of the past that have survived to the present time.

HANDA GOTE research and development is a conceptual post-dramatic theatre whose array of instruments merges sound installations, motion and dance theatre, live music, creative theatre and technologies. Their work is influenced by minimalism, eastern philosophy and the DO IT YOURSELF movement. They combine the Czech Do-It-Yourself skills with the recycling of objects and technologies, together with inspiration from the Japanese haiku. The trademark of their work is alternative work with the space itself where, using various common objects and their theatre technique, they create a peculiar version of stage design. The inspiration of the authors often lies beyond the boundaries of theatre and crosses over into the world of science and technoogy. The documentary aspect of the performance is often the base for comtemplative stage images. Handa Gote means a soldering machine in Japanese.

Performances staged by Handa Gote >
Trilogy Body & Technology - Noise (2005), Red Green Blue (2005), Silence (2006)
Free trilogy entitled “Memory” where the group researches public memory, human memory, memory of machines and places - Computer Muzic (2005), Ekran (2006), Trains (2007) , ,
with the support of: Prague City Council, Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic, MOTUS, C.A. – Alfred ve dvore theatre production

supported by: Nova sit and Studio 12 in Bratislava as part of the Taking a Second Breath for Live Art in Visegrad project (the Visegrad Fund), Ctyri dny os.s, Truc spherique o.s. as part of the Four Cities in Motion project (the Visegrad Fund).

This performance is part of the New Web 2008 project.

photo Irena Vodáková Robert mandarin, | foto Irena Vodakova Tomas stones on the wall | foto Irena Vodáková Tomas blue with flashlight | foto Irena Vodáková photo Irena Vodáková photo Irena Vodáková photo Irena Vodáková