conductor comedy drama
performance length: min
no language barrier
Marta Trpišovská, Michael Vodenka
animation: Zdeněk Durdil
costumes: Mariana Novotná
direction, choreography, interpretation: Marta Trpišovská, Michael Vodenka
graphic artwork: Mlada Šerých
light design: Jan Beneš
photography: Štěpán Látal
produced by: Jitka Štecová
set design: Mlada Šerých
sound: Pavel Macák

Conductor comedy drama focusing on the uniqueness of a moment.
Dance theatre performance by Michael Vodenka and Marta Trpisovska.

He and she live together, side by side. They are not exceptional; they are not beautiful; they are not happy.
They have dreams and they want to... The time they spend together is long and locked in the microcosm of desires.The struggle of dreams and individual desires gives rise to help as well as apathy.

The Titan is a performance by Marta Trpisovska and Michael Vodenka. It is already the fourth collaboration of these authors based on the perceptions they share and the consistency of their views. Its genre specification isn’t definite and involves several motion, theatre and art styles that merge here in a synthesis of dance performance with distinct theatrical elements.

premiere: 14th Decembre 2007 in ALFREDVEDVORE Theatre
with the support of: Prague City Council, Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic, MOTUS, C.A. – Alfred ve dvore theatre production, Divadlo 29, Terra Madoda C.A, Matej Forman Studio, Nová síť

This performance is a part of the Nova sit 2008 project.