Part of the Small Inventory Festival
performance length: 45 min
Performance installations for one person
no language barrier

In Veletržní Palace ("The Nest" of the Small Inventory Festival) from 12 pm, every hour, advance booking required at: +420 721 445 082 or at:

„The Stranger Gets a Gift Service” is a series of performances that seeks to widen the possibilities of how one relates to art by offering „devices” designed to be used by a one-person audience (the User). Artists from various disciplines have created three independent performance-installations that can be experienced by one User at a time: Amuleto, Interruptor and Reminiscencia.
As part of the Small Inventory festival the latter two are being offered in the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre and in the nearby Veletržní palác buidling.

Choose the one you would like to experience, make a reservation for the time that is most convenient for you. Make sure you arrive (for Reminiscencia at the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, for Interruptor at the National Gallery – Veletržní palác building), in the 10 minutes before your appointment, read the User's Quick Guide and use the device.

Interruptor (No language barrier)
A virtual environment performance that disrupts our everyday experience of dialogue and offers a one of a kind visual conversation.

How does virtual communication affect what can be expressed or shared? What role do virtual means play in the nature of our dialogues?

Interruptor is a visual device designed to create a temporary suspension in the ways we normally perceive space, time and the boundaries between „You” and „I “. The User is offered an environment to disrupt our everyday use of communication and its protocols, and to find his/her own way of having a dialogue by only using objects and images.

„When you are ready to activate this device put your hand inside the illuminated area.”

Cristina Maldonado (MEX)
Mexican artist whose background in body movement lends a unique approach to her visual and conceptual experiments with video, sound, collage and performance. Her work unifies experimental theater, dance, participatory art, new and old media. Her topics are body, communication and intimacy. She creates experiential frames connecting installation, video and live action. She works alone or in collaboration with artists from different disciplines and has performed in Mexico, Eastern Europe, New York and Montreal.
Since 2003 she has directed many different performance projects in the Czech Republic.

Jessica Serran (CAN)
Canadian artist, guide and psycho-cartographer whose work is a blend of text, imagery and social practice that together examine the relationship between personal and collective experience and the subtexts that define our experience of Self and Other. Her work relies on the notion that the art object can play a profound role in discovering, reconnecting and examining our sense of both our public and private selves.
With the support of:
Creadores Escénicos con Trayectoria 2013-14 FONCA.
Motus o.s., producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, residency program 2013.
The Czech Ministry of Culture
Embajada de México en la República Checa.
Programa de Apoyo a las Artes Escénicas México - Unión Europea (FONCA - Unión Europea), Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes.
Assisted research residency:
STANDING, AND_Lab, Atelier Real Lisabon; Joao Fiadeiro a Fernanda Eugenio.

Photo: Jan Morávek Photo: Jan Morávek Photo: Jan Morávek