K. Jungová, M. Musilová and Company

Come see the final two performances of CORPUS VULGARIS in combination with a documentary film on a similar theme. After the performance and screening there will be a discussion with artistic team members and special guests on the themes of body, care, and healing. We finish up the evening with food and a dance party!

The performance takes place at ALTA, U výstaviště 21.

The performance was nominated for Divadelní noviny awards 2010/2011 (in Dance and ballet category).

The culmination of a two-year project called HAVING A BODY, BEING A BODY. The theme of the project is the human body: how we perceive it and our relationship to it. The project incorporates the experiences of people who live with health or social handicaps as well as people whose relationship to the body is influenced by their profession or age. These people are also the co-creators and stars of the performance.

The body is examined from different angles: as the medium of our experience and use of taste, touch and other senses, and as something that occasionally hinders us, fails to work or causes us pain. It is also a source of absurd and surreal fantasies, which play out inside our bodies every moment. Each of the creators of the performance has different experiences of the body, influenced by age, profession or disability.

documentary film (29 min)
Part of the film Bý/íT Tělo

Zuzana loves to take pictures of herself. Her body is beautiful. She has no inhibitions and loves to shock people. She is looking for a place where she can feel at home. At home in her body. Lucie is so tired. Lucie wants to work. Lucie cannot work. Her body is worn-out. Pavel is a tricyclist. Pavel has polio. Pavel is a hard worker. Pavel wants to do the Tour de France. Petr is an actor. Petr has an overbite. Petr is getting old. Petr thinks he is ugly. Pierre is a dancer. Pierre is a body. Pierre is himself.

The body is a home. The body is material. The body is my property. Is it part of me or does it not belong to me at all? Do I know anything about it? Everybody has a body. Whether it is small, fat, or thin, “ugly” or “beautiful”, everyone sees his or her own material self in one way or another and urges it into their lives.

featuring: Lucie Láterová, Pierre Nadaud, Zuzana Taucová, Pavel Opl, Petra Oswaldová, Petr Vančura
directed by: Markéta Císařová, camera: Adam Stretti, sound: David Titěra, editing: Alexandra Gojdičová, technical supervision: Michal Dvořák (242), translation: Daniela Orlando, produced by: Markéta Císařová, Kateřina Horčicová
Suported by: City of Prague, Ministry of Culture, ČEPS, a. s., Život umělce Foundation, Charta 77 Foundation and Studio ALTA
Thanks to ORCO Property Group

Photo: Petr Kudláček Photo: Petr Kudláček