Magic Surrealism / Work in progress
performance length: 60 min
dramaturgy: Petr Pola
musical accompaniment: Anna Duchaňová, Michal Němec Jablkoň, Martin Hybler
performed by: Anna Duchaňová, Martin Hybler
script and direction: Anna Duchaňová
set design: Radka Mizerová

The Bliss Counter or the Testimony of a Superwoman in the Dawn of the Puppets is a poem on the theme of identity. We are torn apart and into quarters and only one half: below the waist and from the waist up. Elen is missing something and does not want to know what. Olina knows it all too well. Leonard feels something is left over. The mythic Piano player has reached his goal. And Jean licks his lips …

A puppet experiment between the thought and the vagina. The speeds are unlimited and desire decides. The Bliss Counter relies upon an experience that touches everyone, regardless of gender. The jaded connections of the Bliss Counter are slowly undone. What is going to be the last experience? This new performance of VYROB SI SVE LETADELKO theatre is again the work of the actress and theatre founder Anna Duchanova, front man of the Jablkoň music group Michal Nemec, composer Martin Hybler, and now stage designer Radka Mizerová.

VYROB SI SVE LETADELKO theatre prefers original theatre works. It uses the elements of puppet theatre, object and drama theatre and connects these using original live music. Each performance, besides the regular crew, is a contribution of guest artists who provide a new and fresh view.
Thanks to Máša Černíková

Supported by City of Prague, Ministry of Culture ČR and Život umělce Foudation