mystification, experiments, facts
performance length: 0 min
visual theatre

Do angels realy exists, now and here? The Czech Ministry for Mystery requested The YNTERPOL SPECIAL UNIT for UNIDENTIFIED PHENOMENA (S.U.F.U.P.) in the Czech republic to research several special cases. The special agents Dr. Hanne Hansen (D.M.I.B. - Danish Mind Investigation Bureau), Mjr. Robert Meili (S.S.A. - Swiss Spiritual Agency) and Sergeant Božena Nováková (C.M.M. - Czech Ministry for Mystery) present during their lecture suprising facts, live experiments and offer unexpected access to new ways of ‘seeing‘. A succession of visual scenes tells with bizarre humour and playfull irony about various kind of people and invite into the phantastic world of unearthly phenomena. Get an eye-witness yourself! The project THE ANGEL FILES has brought together the Danish actress Helene Kvint, the Czech dancer Veronika Švábová, the Swiss actor and designer Philipp Schenker and the American composer Marika Papach. Do angels really exist? The messengers of God are known in several religions in different appearances. Over thousands of years they have been believed to really exist and are a rich source of inspiration in religion and art. But a modern rational, scientific view of the world doesn’t generally accept such a spiritual phenomenon. The performance THE ANGEL FILES is confrontating with humour and self-irony these different points of view. The consequential game with building up a ‚real’ atmosphere brings the public into challenging situations which can take unexpected absurd or unbelievable directions. How far we are ready to believe in something which is presented as ‚reality’ but in fact is only fiction? The border between reality and the believe in the supernatural is very subjective.