Test.Ost.Er.On – The voice of the other side

performance length: 60 min
gender rally
(kolektiv) Stage Code
co-production: (produkce) Motus
concept: (kolektiv) Stage Code
direction: Miroslav Bambušek
harsh light design: Vladimír Burian
macho costumes and setting: Štěpán Růžička
man in the video: Kryštof Hádek
manly music: Jeník Burian
men on the stage: Philipp Schenker, Tomáš Turek, Jakub Hradilek, Tomáš Jeřábek, Pasi Mäkelä
practical graphic design: Kryštof Doležal
production: Spread o.s.
rough video: Michal Pěchouček

Kind, brave, handy, sensitive, clever, handsome, well-built, smart but by no means a softie. The ideal man. Does that make any sense to anyone? What do we want from ourselves? Are men really more aggressive, vain, more competitive, more strong-willed, and less emotional? How to get rid of generalizing, entrenched labels and views of men and their world? How to get to the core of the man, to the essence of his existence? What ideals should a “real” man have?

TEST.OST.ER.ONE is a subjective attempt at answering questions such as these. Five men, each from a different sphere of the Prague art scene, look at life and the ideals of the “stronger” sex - with bitter irony, scorching authenticity and the mellow flavour of humanity.

These men were inspired by two projects by the group Secondhand Women, created as coproductions of the SPREAD and MOTUS associations. The first, MEZZO (2003), reflected on the status of middle-aged women in our society. The second was UŽ MUŽ (2005), subtitled “women about men”. Their great success with Czech audiences proved how provocative it can be to express openly a (possibly) one-sided opinion. The time has come now for the other party to speak…
with the support of:Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic, Prague City Council, Zivot umelce Foundation, SPREAD o.s. and MOTUS – producers of the ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre

This performance is part of the New Web 2008 project.

photo Jan Dvořák photo Jan Dvořák photo Jan Dvořák photo Jan Dvořák photo Jan Dvořák