…the suspicious events in the life of an islander
performance length: 65 min
theatre of objects, emotions and movement

Somewhere completely inside he is alone on a small island. Robyn is in his zone trapped like a rabbit. Dutiful Friday is indeed advising him from a TV, but his dreams are mixed up with ads for smoked sausages. Animals made of dishcleaning brushes sing, as obedient citizens, an ode to their leader. The wish to rule or to succeed in some way has already messed up the heads of tougher guys. The Swiss actor and artist Philipp Schenker offers a view into a kaleidoscope, where instead of shards of glass, there live the desires and fears of a man who would like to change something. All with plenty of surrealistic imagery and odd metamorphoses.
Open Society Fund Praha , Nadace Český literární fond, Pro Helvetia, Motus o.s.