a recipe for Nordic meat
performance length: 0 min
visual theatre - science fiction

Cosmic fire, the dawn of the gods, the moment when time and space meet and the world exterminates. The timelessness of birth, the first laughter, the eternal return - all of this is Ragnarök as perceived by ancient Nordic people. Ragnarök by Teartr Rajdo, however, does not claim to track down its ancient worshippers. that wouldn’t work anyway, because our sight is much less sharp, our smell is weaker, we don’t know how to read footprints and we wouldn’t catch even a dry cod. Their way is different. it takes in jumps over each rune that constitutes the word RAGNARÖK. Each rune on its own contains a lot of meanings and is the characteristics of certain processes that occur in reality. The word created from runes can thus be perceived as an entity and also as eight independent venues in time and space.
Open Society Fund Prague, Karromato, Tomáš Ondrůška and Eva Thalská