punk pantomime
performance length: 60 min
no language barrier
Vojta Švejda, Jan Kalivoda
light design: Jan Beneš
performed by: Vojta Švejda, Jan Kalivoda
set design support: Kateřina Housková

The follow-up to the successful all-year-round project entitled Metamorphosis famfulare – improvised punk pantomime shows. These improvised comedy evenings were designed especially for the Small Hall at Alfred ve dvore, a theatre based in Holesovice.

Every evening has a topic which the performers, mime Vojta Svejda and musician Jan Kalivoda, try make exhaustive use of. The actual technique of the play is based on the repetition of gestures which change into other gestures through rhythmisation and dynamisation, forming a picture and unfolding the story and the scenario. This leads to quick transformations of the meanings of gestures and entire situations. Music plays an important role in this, which not only provides the atmosphere but most importantly sets the story in motion and inspires the actors.

The authors themselves say: “ PULLCHERIUM FAMFULARE MUNDI – THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FAMFULARE IN THE WORLD – POWER, HEROISM, LOVE AND WAR AGAINST THE SAUSAGE” is, as one could say, the summary of our preceding work. The actual performance determined the topic of power and conflict. As a model we used the improvised comedy dell’arte – a proposed screenplay and improvisation according to that. The style of the piece was determined by pantomime. We intend to find new forms of this genre and to find our own comedial expression.

“Metamorphosis is an improvised performance in which two of the actors develop, in perfect harmony, their ideas about how to enrich the Czech pantomime which has suffered so much from the Fialks complex, to make it not only attractive but also modern, or actually post-modern in the very sense of the word. In this sense, Vojta Svejda (the mime) and Jan Kalivoda (the musician) can be described as experts in their field, as improvisation is where you recognise it most. They use motion and acoustic means in which technical and professional experience is seen, helping to achieve a new approach to art.”
Zuzana Smugalová: Za punkem na Malé inventuře, Taneční aktuality 6. 3. 2007
supported by: Prague City Council, Foundation Nadace zivot umelce, MOTUS o.s. - ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre production

special thanks: Jakub Hybler - technical magician, Evženie Brabcová - videomagician, Pash-Waka – visual arranger, Nick - web pages www.famfulare.com

This performance was part of the New Web 2007 project.

photo Ondřej Bouška photo Tomáš Bořil