Part of the KoresponDance Festival 2012
The period we call Post Modern Dance (the 1970s in the U.S.A.) is full of humour, imagination, experiments, gentle risk-taking and also serious risk-taking... and of course laughter.

john & jane installation 2.4 / Martha Moore (USA) and Félix Perrotin(F)

This series of site specific performances conceived by the choregrapher Martha Moore and the visual artist Félix Perrotin, is an open ended structure in evolution since 2005. After the first series in apartments in Paris, j&j have been sighted in the Golden Gate Park and Point Reyes in California, The Dragon’s Egg in Connecticut, and the Construction Company in New York, among others.
L’hors série n°2, a version that attempts to encompass all the others in record time, alternates between what is written and what is invented on the spot. After several attempts to get it right in Paris, New York and Berlin over the past two years, here is the version 2.4, with two guest artists along for the ride.

Post modern Dance Today / Martha Moore (USA) and Félix Perrotin (F)

This period asks a question still important for us today:
“What does contemporary performance mean for today's audiences?“
Why not take a moment to think this through? In the USA the 1970s were the time of the rise of Post Modern Dance. When we ask the same question in the Czech Republic today we get parallel answers appropriate to today in this country. We will use a specific performance form in this project and that is the "event".

For this project SE.STA invited American choreographer and dancer Martha Moore, who witnessed Post Modern Dance in New York and has been able to continue with this work in France. In 2012 she worked in the Czech Republic with a group of professional artists on specialized 'events' while asking the following questions: "What is gesture in everyday movement and what is gesture in dance?"or "What is the role and place of the dancer in the creation of a work?" For the "event" presented as part of the KoresponDance festival Martha Moore has invited professional artists to parcipate as well as others - non-dancers. Join us or come and watch!

Martha Moore – choreographer, dancer, artistic director of Les Pénélopes, member of the performance collective femmeuses (directed by Cécile Proust), vagabond performer and choreographer, collaborates with the french and american artistes Christine Corday, Ara Fitzgerald, Sophie Lessard, et Félix Perrotin. She currently performs for Alban Richard.

Félix Perrotin is an architect/visual artist/performer who works under the names of Perrotin, Robert Miranda and John Doe. He is co-author along with Martha Moore of the john & jane installations and That was Easy.