Pop concert? In a theatre? Is it a mystification? Or a real vaudeville? Possibly a musical celebration?
Yes! We celebrate the 5th anniversary of the reopening of Alfred ve dvoře Theatre. What’s on? A lot of surprise in exciting, variously arranged evenings. You can expect songs, interviews and events from theatre performances presented by the most significant actors who have rocked the Czech independent theatre scene in the past five years. Come to dance and sing! Support the new theatre!

Out of sound waves will surface:
 loneliness among the noise machines performed by Handa Gote research&development
 the world of men and women from punk to evergreen directed by Secondhand Women
 wild multimedia performer from Berlin Petr Krušelnický
 wistful accordion tunes performed by O něco lepší než rohlík
 metamorphic cocktail by Stage Code
 dialogue between voice and sound samples by Ridina Ahmedová and Tomáš Dvořák
 hip hop performed by the rising star of the apocalyptic pop Ikona
 Howard Lotker and Petra Ernyeiová singing duo backed by the members of Těrigat
 the board game secret of the group Krepsko

The highlight of the evening will be the foundation of new theatre group Bauchglanz and the subsequent reading of its manifesto.
Supported by Czech literar fund.
Special thanks to WD/LUX.