POLITOLY - pre-election simulator*

a competitive reality show complete with elimination and everything ”LIVE“!
performance length: 75 min
cabaret social
(kolektiv) Stage Code
co-production: Motus o.s. - produkce divadla Alfred ve dvoře
concept: (kolektiv) Stage Code
design support: Daniela Klimešová
dramaturgical and direction support:: Miroslav Bambušek
graphic artwork: Miroslav Roubíček
light design: Jan Beneš
music: Jan Burian, Mikoláš Růžička
photography: Rasťa Juhás, Gabriela Kontra
produced by: SPREAD O.S.
training course attendants: Jeřábek, Hradílek, Schenker, Voráčková
video images:: Vít Janeček

The elections are coming! Are you ready to vote? Do you even know how? Gotta keep up with the times! The readiness is all. We’re surrounded by candidates for this, candidates for that. Afraid of making ANOTHER bad decision in the next elections?
This performance is a fresh theatre alternative to politically focused TV talk shows. In mildly ironical fashion it discusses the “desperate” situation of voters who decide to find their own path, by way of their own emotions and opinions, through the labyrinth of modern politics. Different situations on the hopes and doubts of citizens who decides to revisit their relationships towards politicians and politics in general, cemented together with absurd humour, audience interaction, live songs, references to real-life pre-election fights and documented examples of well-known politicians’ standpoints.
* goulash-free
This project was co-operated by Motus in Alfred ve dvoře theatre.
This project made possible thanks to support from: the City of Prague, the State Fund for Culture ČR, SPREAD.