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Krepsko is situation theatre - breaking down the pictures that arise on stage and splitting the inspiration of the individual actors into mutually irrational reactions resulting in absurd situations. The Krepsko ensemble creates situations, but beyond this, they look for ways of how to distort them. Decomposition or destruction of the dramatic situation thus opens a wide field for new impulses and reassesses the form of a play as such. Besides message and narration, the Krepsko ensemble wishes to allow its audience a wider space for understanding and interpreting, as well to give them pleasure through viewing. They do also try to find a form for these purposes that is cheerful and interesting. Krepsko performs with live musicians, and have worked already with many (violin, bass, double bass, percussion, clarinet, flute … ) In each new performing place Krepsko is eager and curious to play and improvise with local musicians. Krepsko members encompass a variety of nationalities and personalities.