OEDIPUS (complexly)

HoME Theater Profile
performance length: min
experimental performance
co-authors and cast: Daniela Voráčková, Andrea Miltner, Carli Jefferson, Alexander Komlosi, Josef Rosen
concept and direction: Howard Lotker
dramaturgy: Sodja Zupanc Lotker
lights: Vladimír Burian
music and sounds: Jan Burian
produced by: Olga Plchová
scene and costume design: Philipp Schenker

17.11. Performance in Czech language
18.11. Performance in English

HoME offers something different than an ordinary theatre experience - theatre as play! A play which changes and evolves through the active participation of the audience and may even end differently every evening.

You may already be familiar with HoME through their successful residential theatre project DoMA/at home, which was awarded the main prize at the 2006 Next Wave Festival, in which apartments and their owners were the topic of, space for, and co-actors in, each of HoME’s performances.

Building on their first project, HoME has chosen the theme of the classic Greek tragedy Oedipus as a starting point for their new theatre performance. Drawing on the ancient story, each evening the company will attempt the impossible: to conjure up a play in which the patricidal, incestuous story of the king of Thebes merges with personal histories and momentary mood of the audience. Entertainment, provocation, questions, challenges! Come and dig about a bit in Oedipus\' story... and maybe in your own as well!

sponsored by: Ministry of Culture of the CR and MOTUS, o. s. – an ALFREDVEDVOŘE theatre production.

photo Petr Kudláček photo Petr Kudláček photo Petr Kudláček photo Petr Kudláček photo Petr Kudláček photo Petr Kudláček