performance length: 60 min
punk pantomime

Crazy postmodern dumb punk pantomime music impro show.

Each evening follows a preset topic that the two protagonists: mime Vojta Švejda and musician Jan Kalivoda try to explore from all possible angles. The technique of the play is based on repetition of gestures that, through rhythmization and dynamic impulses transform into different gestures and create an image, which is the point of departure for arising situations and stories. The meaning of gestures and even entire situations changes quickly while music plays a key role in creating the mood, often setting things in motion and inspiring the actors.

This performance is a sequel to a year-long project Metamorphósis famfuláre – an improvised punk-pantomime show. The improvised comedy evening shows were tailored exclusively for the ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre.

“We found the model for its structure in an improvised Commedia dell‘arte with a prearranged storyline combined with improvisation. The style of the play is determined by pantomime. We seek new forms of this genre as well as our own comedic expression”
Authors about their project

“Metamorphósis is an improvised performance in which two actors in perfect harmony develop their ideas about how to enrich Czech pantomime suffering from the overwhelming influence of Ladislav Fialka, to become not only attractive but also modern or rather post-modern in the real sense of the word.”
Zuzana Smugalová: Following punk at the Small Inventory, Taneční aktuality, March 6, 2007
supported by: Prague City Council, Foundation Nadace život umělce, MOTUS C.A. - ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre production