ME HERE, YOU THERE / Tereza Benešová, Dragan Stojčevski a Jan Beneš

Look at the music! Performance for all six senses.
performance length: 50 min
Light, Sound & Physical Encounter
no language barrier

This project engages with a specific form of theatrical expression formed of sound, light and physical action. The main characters: a man and a woman playing on the accordion. It’s not a concert, but a conversation. The music evokes various modes of communication, while llight becomes a partner to the music and changes in relation to the composition.
Tereza Benešová – Tereza studies alternative and puppet theatre scenic design at DAMU. In addition to scenic design work she also plays the accordion and sings in the well-known band Pět pičí bez dud (Vobezdud).

Dragan Stojčevski - Dragan studied scenic design in Belgrade and in Prague. In addition to sets he also designs costumes and posters. He is currently focusinh on creating site-specific projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. As a painter and graphic designer he has had several solo exhibitions. Since 2007 he has been intensively playing the accordion with the Mamapapa band and writing stage music. He is also a member of the IconOrchestra, which provides live accompaniment to silent films and theatrical performances.

Jan Beneš – Jan is a performer, choreographer and light designer for many projects and theatres. He graduated from the Duncan Centre as well as a one-year study program in the Laban Centre in London. As an artist and interpreter he has been involved in many successful non-verbal theatre projects, such as The Unbelievable Travels of Jan Eskymo Welzl and Polaris. One of his most significant achievements in the area of light design is the Špalíček project (2009). He also plays the accordion.

Supported by:Alfred ve dvoře Theatre and DAMU

Photo: Petr Kudláček Photo: Aňa Šebelková Photo: Aňa Šebelková Photo: Aňa Šebelková Photo: Aňa Šebelková Photo: Aňa Šebelková