performance length: 50 min
The works, fatherhood and madness of Wilhelm Reich
concept, director, performs: Howard Lotker
directing support: Monika Černošková
dramaturgical support: Marta Ljubková
dramaturgy: Sodja Zupanc Lotker
lights: Tomáš Morávek
live drawing: Zdeněk Durdil
production: Olga Plchová
projection: Zdeněk Durdil
set and costumes: Philipp Schenker
Sound design: Jan Burian
text: Egon Tobiáš, Howard Lotker

The whole performance is in English.

Multi-genre interactive performance for one actor (Howard Lotker) - with projection and live-drawing - inspired by the eccentric character of Freud's talented student, W. Reich. The audience becomes an active co-creator of a performance, making it different every time. Inspired by Reich’s book Listen, Little Man.

HoME Theater is a group of artists that examines contemporary life though the lens of theater, performance, fine arts, and movement, while also emphasizing play and audience involvement in their productions. HoME creates performances for theaters, streets, modes of transportation, indoor and outdoor site-specific locations, as well as for peoples' apartments. HoME received a “Project of the Year” award at the Next Wave festival in 2006 for the meta-theatrical site specific performance project DoMA/at HoME.
premiere: 13 May 2009, Alfred ve dvoře

production: MOTUS o.s., festival 4+4 DNY V POHYBU and HoME o.s.

supported by City of Prague, Městská knihovna v Praze, KATaP DAMU, Ministry of Culture Czech Republic and Život umělce Foundation

Thanks to Dan Kurovec Bookstore