a part of the festival Small Inventory 2009
performance length: 50 min
a drama play with songs for children and non-children

A dewdrop served with a lump of summer and midnight howling of dog roses. Small Ema is on the track of the biggest secret of the Kingdom of Flowers. First spring buttercup guards the Northern Gate. Grey-Green Excellency is waiting. On the motives of fairy tale book “The Kingdom of Flowers” from Belgian writer Maurice Carême.

Make Your Own Little Plane Theatre was founded by Anička Duchaňová. It draws on authorial dramatic production and takes advantage of the possibilities of One Actor Theatre. It combines puppet show, object theatre and acting, it is supplemented with live music performed on the stage. It explores the boundaries, blends theatre genres and draws the spectacor into the story.
premiere: 1. 2. 2009 in kc Kaštan

supported by: Nadace Život umělce

photo Anna Duchaňová photo Anna Duchaňová