Three men - three lives - seven days - one play
performance length: 0 min
interactive theatre

"I’m standing at a urinal at the Public library, taking two minutes to stop and think about myself. About young guy taking a leak next to me. About other people who wait in the line-up with me, until the news agent gives me, and them, the TV guide - the script to „my-studio’s-and-me“ evening, or will charge the telephone credit so that we will at least have the feeling that we are communicating. I trod on the sidewalk paths of my routine activities. I draw still the same pictures with the stream of my urine on the bottom of the urinal - nonetheless, so does the guy next to me. I have a name just like every second person - the guy next to me, too. We are average - like everyone else. Only small differences in our fates - some people are a little more choleric, or perhaps lusting after appreciation in a more successful way, perhaps younger, perhaps more playful. We also have the right to our own desires and dreams. In spite of our commonness that appears uninteresting, still let us have the double portion of the horseradish for our pig’s knuckle." Halka Třešňáková Miloš Lopatka, Matouš Bouda and René Lavička - three men who live their own lives, each of them lonely and in his own way, but some encounters arise. Unconscious encounters - in identical wishes and dreams, accidental encounters - on a Friday afternoon in the same bar, conscious encounters - in a memory mutually shared. Three variations of a glance back at the week before.