performance length: min
A hit parade of dance and motion theatre
(kolektiv) Adriatik
Created and performed by: Jan Komárek
The programme is traditionally presented by: Vojta Švejda, Jan Kalivoda, Jan Beneš, Johannes Dörner

Already the 24th round of the endless cult hit parade! Jan Komanek with his post-mortal slapstick SUICIDE SENSUALIS and Kyklos Galaktikos with their second Dokument (Document) have made it through to this round.

What is new this time is the MARYJA dance group, conducted by Johana Matouskova, and the theatre formation Rest-Art of Tomsa Legierski and Marketa Vacovska who will introduce the first staging in Alfred of their DINNER INSIDE US.

The organisers set up an easy task – compose a choreography based on any theme, out of diligence. The limits are negotiable: One sound motif, one scenic component, a uniform concept. The maximum length of the choreography is 20 minutes. From four performances in one evening, connected by witty features by cunning moderators, the audience themselves will choose who goes through to the next round. One piece of choreography can win no more than three times in a row. If it succeeds, it may be awarded the highest prize, the Foam Rubber Trophy. PLAGIARISING ALLOWED!

For the local conditions the fantastic success of the Homework from Diligence series of performances proves that motion and dance theatre is not a marginal genre in Bohemia. Apart from a unique show of contemporary talented protagonists from the local and foreign scene, the hit parade excels with a liberating detached view, self-irony and sense of humour. Therefore it can attract even those people among the audience for whom motion theatre is a totally unknown experience.