Motus o.s.
performance length: 360 min
Midwinter soup festival
no language barrier

"Without intelligence a man can live in some common employment and have a common life, but in the kitchen it shows."
Jaroslav Hašek

In 2013 we start the year off gently. For this one day we turn our space for the live arts into a space for live cooking: a one-of-a-kind competition of original soup recipes cooked up by actors, dancers, musicians, producers and the working teams of theatres and cinemas. The stakes are high however, because the best soup cooks win a luxury meal. This should mean that all our judges will enjoy their soup tasting to the max, and all visitors that bring their own bowl and spoon become judges!

Visitors may be tasting the classics such as goulash, pumpkin, lentil, tripe, or potato soups, but should be prepared to try more unusual specialties of our creative cooks.

Winners‘ names will be publicized on our website after the event.

16.00 The soup tasting begins
19.00 Cooking show: Anna Polívková, Halka Třešňáková, Wariot Ideal
19.30 The winners are announced
20.00 Let the dancing begin

Hot offer!
Are you able to cook 5 litres of a great soup? Do you want to be in a cooking battle with the artists? Do you own an electric hot plate?
Three times yes? Contact us at and show us your cooking art.



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