The Boca Loca Lab Theatre group in a performance prepared in cooperation with Czech music composers
Boca Loca means „crazy, mad, glib-tongued" in Spanish. Wordplay, play with sounds and utterances. Rhythm, song, speech, and things half-sung and half-spoken.

Featuring original works composed especially for the BLL group by Martin Smolka (co-founder of the AGON orchestra and author of the opera Nagano) and Michal Nejtek (classical music composer, works with The Plastic People of the Universe, member of jazz group Limbo).

The Boca Loca Lab group was founded in 2007 by Jiří Adámek, who has developed an original type of music theatre, in which he blends the musically composed structure, stylized acting and unusual approach to language.

Boca Loca Lab group has been awarded various prizes, for example the international award Music Theatre Now for Ticks Ticks Politics (2006) in Berlin and the Prize for original theatre expression at the KONTAKT 2009 festival in Torun. Adámek was named Personality of the Year by the Next Wave Festival 2007 in the alternative theatre section for musical-scenic composition and its theoretical reflection. He received the award for best young director for The Europeans project at the 2012 MESS festival in Sarajevo.

The last performance of the group (as well as the first one Ticks Ticks Politics) Say something was created and premiered at Alfred ve dvore Theatre.