Everyday acrobatics after Francis Bacon
performance length: 55 min
dance theatre

Disquieting Bacon´s figures draw attention to forces of the body, which have already nothing in common with the psychology and the art of forms. The body overflows the skin borders in a special kind of inner irritation. Just like a dance from which we removed figures and balances. Dance of falls, decay, and discharges, dance of nerves and flesh. A certain kind of animal hysteria turns over the individuality of faces. Just like a theatre, where we would tear words from actor´s mouths and prevented them from gesticulation. Theatre-circus, where the simplest displacements end positions become dangerous, where relationships between people are mainly rudely physical. The things of our everyday life - tables, chairs, a knife, washing basins, and various jars are subjected to torture and domination. It is hard to imagine how water toils to stay in a glass or our bodies struggle to balance everything - bottoms, trunks, necks - erect and solid on the four legs of a chair standing at attention on the uneven terrain of tiles. Bodies, like water, struggle to escape through all pores of their skin from these wrongly acquired and hostile poses. Everyday cruel and funny acrobatics quickly turn into a flood. Bodies overflow. Let´s call it dance.