performance length: 50 min
unfashionable fashion show
no language barrier

Down with the dictates of mainstream fashion! Forget the myth of ideal beauty! The real female weapons are to be found in housework! In this fashion Kolouchův sen have organised an original party celebrating the end of the 2007 theatre season: cheerleaders with mops and dusters instead of pom-poms, a parade led by tins of incense, fans made of feather-brushes, earrings made of steel wool, wooden spoons and forks...
Under the supervision of the director Jan Nebeský and the choreographer Veronika Švábová, the performer/creators have now transformed the successful “unfashionable fashion show” into a visually impressive, funny and provocative play of scenic acts. You can expect not only a follow up to the subject of Housework but also two new and no less poetic acts: Forest Dream and Cornucopia and Harvest. A male picture will be the piece de resistance of the evening! The Hobbyist models’ live show will be accompanied by the music of the audio experimenter Ježíš táhne na Berlín.

The Kolouchův sen assocation has existed for three years. It is an independent group of female artists centred around Michaela Huffsteter and Hana Poislová. They explore unconventional ways of creation and presentation of clothes and accessories. Loosely directed performances link the stage scenes and acts with the spontaneity and the natural expression of the performers – male and female models, in many cases lacking previous experience in acting. (this is where the expression “hobbyist” comes from). The performances are frequently site specific – they make use and adopt to the unique atmosphere of various extraordinary spaces such as an old mine located in Kladno, where Kolouchův sen organised a fine underwear fashion show for an audience of miners.

“They (...) turn common aesthetics upside down and look at society from a satirical perspective. This is the point of departure for their “unfashionable fashion shows”, that offer a latent social criticism as well as enchantment with the female substance and female “mythology” and the dress fetish.” Nina Vangeli, Taneční zóna, review for contemporary dance

Special acknowledgement: Bergámo

Acknowledgements: Maria Cavina, Šárka Havlíčková, Bohumil Ježek, P. Josef Čunek, Houb, Formes, Eva Melo and all our models

premiere: October 29, 2008 in ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre

supported by: VEBA Broumov, Omega-Teplotechna Praha Inc., Betosan, Vetical, The Prague City Hall and MOTUS– producers of the ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre.

hobbystic troupeof models: Marta Uhlárová, Mariana Jůdová, Paulina Skavova, Michaela Gorcová, Heather McGadie, Martina Valihrachová, Marije Hladíková, Eva Melo, Dany Stewart, Nikola Semotánová, Petra Pětiletá, Veronika Neumannová, Galaxie, Kateřina Zochová, Helena Sequencová, Bára Maštrlová, Iva Junková, Daniela Voráčková, Jakub Hradílek, Žán Loose, Tomáš Bořil, Jan Slovenčík

photo Eva Melo photo Eva Melo photo Eva Melo photo Eva Melo photo Eva Melo photo Eva Melo