the depth of loneliness
One woman, one voice, one body, one self-service performance. A concert as a paradox between the desire to share and loneliness on the stage. The world of a man who is not afraid of being alone. Another fantasy, another time, another reality to be lived through. Enticed perception, sharp vision, finer hearing. The depths and colours of loneliness.

A solo concert for Veronika Švábova – a singer who is also a dancer, instrumentalist, and whatever is needed. A composition of authentic sounds, snippets of musical pieces, noises and clamour that is made up directly on the stage and is accompanied by motion and screenings.

The concert also involves songs full of electronic clicks and squeaks, weird noisy videos, and photographs from a trip. The singing is both delightful and expressive. An American record promoting bathrooms from the 1970’s, the voices of nine different whales, the breath of Marilyn Monroe, or Lecture 32 by Professor Arnold Weinstein.

The performance is inspired by the American poet Emily Dickinson’s momentous decision to stay away from people and by other modern or historical hermits. An important source of inspiration came from the Internet, the encyclopaedia of modern human loneliness. Authentic text from blogs and adverts are a strong testimony about the people of today and their existential anguish.
first night: 26/06/2008

co-production: jedefrau.org and MOTUS C.A. - ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre production

supported by: the Ministry of Culture, The Capital of Prague

photo Roman Mikeš photo Josef Sodomka photo Roman Mikeš photo Roman Mikeš photo Roman Mikeš photo Roman Mikeš