performance length: min
found footage kino
no language barrier

A multiple screening of uncovered amateur films without sound or commentary, accompanied with live music.

A journey back in time to the hypnotising rhythm of music and the flickering of old projectors.

A tribute to all the forgotten fates of those who will never become celebrities.

Fragments of someone else’s lives which are so similar to ours.

This project is based on films and slides we have collected over many years. During rehearsals our initial interest in slides as a medium grew into fascination with the personal stories they tell.
We discovered amateur movies recorded on 8mm film. In pawn shops, bazaars, and flea markets we found family recordings prepared by enthusiasts, who themselves went through the process of recording, developing, and sorting. We were surprised by the quality and power of the stories told by the materials. Pictures from the lives of strangers came to life in front of our eyes; pictures which have something to say about our own lives, too. Sensitive material has found its way into our care, and we are trying to treat it with respect. These are the stories of lives just as important as our own.

handagote.com, myspace.com/handagote
The City of Prague, The Minor Theatre and MOTUS in the Alfred ve dvoře theatre

This performance was a part of the New Web 2007 project.