performance length: min
physical concert
no language barrier
Jan Beneš, Pierre Nadaud, Fred Griot, Vojta Švejda
concept and choreography: Pierre Nadaud
directing support: Jan Beneš
direction: Pierre Nadaud, Vojta Švejda
light design: Jan Beneš
music: Vojta Švejda
performing: Jan Beneš, Pierre Nadaud, Fred Griot, Vojta Švejda
set design: Jan Beneš, Pierre Nadaud
texts and voice: Fred Griot

Lord, consummate this world by devouring it.

„Day of Wrath“ consists of three parts created and performed by Vojta Švejda, playing the electric guitar, Pierr Nadaud in motion and Frédérique Griot, who writes and declaims texts. The origin of this project was inspired by the biblical Book of Job.

“The Biblical text, the meaning of Job’s story is for me, as in the Moslem interpretation, a story of disengagement. Property, body, identity, Job’s living being belongs to Job as his belongings, as a thing, as a creature with which he is bound up and from which he unchains himself, or at least is forced to step aside. Job stripped to the bone. The day of anger is actually the way through this relationship to the body, to the self, to one’s own identity. The electric guitar expresses the brutality of the events that lead to the separation or assist it. It is a stream of energy which can turn the body inside out, just as we might turn a glove inside out. The voice which accompanies this adventure is a manifestation of the core which undoubtedly connects the body (voice), identity, the spirit and meaning.”
Pierre Nadaud, Budapest, November 2006
This performance has been supported by: Motus o.s., Alfred ve dvoře Theatre production, The City of Prague and the Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic and French Institute in Prague.

The performance has been put up in partnership with: Nová síť o.s. under the project New Web goes through Visegrad supported by the International Visegrad Fund, L1 dancelab (Hu) and Divadlo 29, Pardubice, Terra Madoda o.s. .