Each of them comes from a different environment and has a different profession. However, all of them love trapeze. Five performers from Berlin joined together to prepare a dance performance in the air, which is unique in its length as well as the number of performers. It is based on the principle of flipbook, however the medium it uses is not technology but human bodies moving in various sequences in the air above the spectators. This causes a movie effect enhanced by animation, light design and music produced by DJ Edu Delgado of Berlin. „The idea of Daumenkino is to create a bigger space. With only one person on trapeze you cannot imagine how high and wide the space is. But if we work together, when the movement stops on one end you can also imagine it going further. So the idea was to create a dimension different from the one we know - like a kind of dance architecture.“ Tobias Stiefel „Daumenkino (Flipbook) is the formal description of what we are doing. The inner part, the thing we try to show is group process, how does a group work together or not. What happens if one person doesn’t want to move anymore or if one person starts to be a leader. How a group of dancers can be in harmony or how it can be in dissent. How it rises to collapse and then goes together again. And that is what we try to show with all the figures.“ Andrea Jana Korb „We all came from bourgois families and they wanted us to study. So we studied, and then we went to the circus. It is a different way to do circus, because you haven’t grown up with it and it is not clear that you have to do it: you have to fight for it. It is not a passion you inherited from your parents, you have to find it yourself.“ Nils Wollschläger