or the Chassids of Piaseczno
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- is the story of rabbi Nachman of Breclav and other Polish and Jewish citizens of the town of Piaseczno: of the diligent Perla Goldberg and the four matrons, of Jakob Cimrman and his story in mykva, of the Lipstat family and Nadarzinska street, of Kelman Szapiro, the well known cadyk of Piaseczno and the last rabbi of the Warsaw ghetto. It is also a story of an ordinary little town with a town hall, church, synagogue and evangelical church, a story of a world where people of different creeds and nationalities try to find their sweet and sour way to harmonious cohabitation. A group of story tellers, Grupa Studnia O of Warsaw, explores diverse opportunities for telling stories. At their meetings, the stories merge with music, singing and sampling foods which relate to the time and place of the story.