Stage Code
performance length: min
Socio-dramatic Cabaret on Marriage

We were twenty or so and we watched Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage with emotion, surprise and slight aversion – what’s going on with those people? What sort of games are these? Why can’t they just behave normally? Can’t she see that he’s lying to her? And can’t he see he is being manipulated by her? This will never happen to us!
Now we’re nearly twenty years older. We try to find out what we wanted back then and what we actually have now. Devotion after so many years – is this a reason to celebrate and respect, or is it home confinement? What is this promise actually about – I will love you and esteem you till the end. Until death? Until the end of love? Until the guarantee of the kitchen range runs out? We are weaving an endless web which will connect everything – children, work, ageing parents, apartment and a car or a dishwasher and holiday, unfulfilled dreams and new desires.

STAGE CODE, founded by Daniela Vorackova and Philipp Schenker, is a theatre group which has worked in Prague since 1999. In collaboration with Czech and foreign artists, they create projects in various genres, such as visual theatre, object-theatre, site-specific, street theatre, revue or dramatised texts, which works as a response social and cultural discourse. Stage Code performs in the Czech Republic as well as in many foreign festivals.
Premiere as a part of 4+4 Days in Motion Festival

Supported by: Ministry of Culture ČR, SPREAD and MOTUS o.s. – Alfred ve dvoře Theatre and o.s. Čtyři dny.