Bazaar Festival 2018: GIVING & RECEIVING FEEDBACK / Workshop with Bush Hartshorn

performance length: 1080 min

A 4-day workshop (March 15-18) led by Bush Hartshorn on the subject of giving and receiving feedback, for artists, audiences, and others. There will be an introduction to basic Non Violent Communication (NVC) and Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP) principles which can be applied in many scenarios both personal and professional. There will also be an introduction and practice in shared feedback methodology based on the Liz Lerman Critical Response. If time allows, we may also examine and practice other methods. We will work with artists participating in the Saturday Bazaar event of the festival, but the workshop is open to people from any field. It is important that the participants commit to the whole program.

Cost: 2000 Kč
Language: English

Applications are accepted til March 13th on Afterwards you'll receive payment instructions.

Bush Hartshorn (UK)
Bush graduated from Dartington College of Arts in 1982 with a degree in Theatre Language. From that time onwards Bush has pursued a career as a community artist, dramaturge, performer, theatre programmer and artistic director in UK, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark where he was the Artistic Director of Dansehallerne Copenhagen. In 2009 he qualified as a coach in Relational Dynamics which has informed his work in mentoring dance artists. Since January 2015 Bush has been mentoring/coaching artists in Australia, Cyprus, UK, Spain, Poland and Czech Republic - as a part of Be SpectACTive project (Barbora Látalová & coll.'s "Different?") produced by Tanec Praha, that is also in a longterm partnership with Tanec Praha thanks to network Aerowaves. Currently he is also Dance Curator for Sardegna Teatro, Cagliari, Italy as well as Head of Artist Development at Dancebase, Edinburgh, Scotland. This has all been underpinned by a lifelong commitment to Liverpool Football Club.

Who is such a workshop for?
Anybody who is involved in giving feedback to others: choreographers, teachers, directors, artists, funding officials, critics. These are just some of the people who have participated in such a workshop in the past

Amount of workshop participants: 10-20

>Increased awareness of the role of the feedback process in an artist‘s development and some “hows“ and “whens“ to consider utilising such practices.
Other possible outcomes include:
>with increased clarity can come increased confidence,sense of purpose, efficiency of action. >I have also noticed increased levels of a sense of responsibility.
a Legacy of a group of individuals who share a practice that they can then utilise at will.

Place: Alfred ve dvoře Theatre (small stage), Fr. Křížka 36, Praha 7

Workshop schedule (subject to change):
Thursday, 15. 3. 2018, 10-16.00
Friday, 16. 3. 2018, 10-15.00
Saturday, 17. 3. 2018, 10-14.00, afternoon we will watch Saturday Bazaar artists‘ presentations (free entry for workshop participants)
Sunday, 18. 3. 2018, 13:00 – 16:00 (feedback sessions with Saturday Bazaar artists)

The workshop is part of the 2018 Bazaar Festival.
This workshop has been supported by the program "Art as a form of communication" (Strategie 21) and the Czech Science Foundation grant No. 16-00994Y „Performativity in Philosophy: Contexts, Methods, Implications“ solved at the Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences.