The performance captures the state of „expectancy“ of the kind before a decision is made, a passive state out of which something is born. It exploits the unique threads which bind imagination and reality and which arise in theatre as a result of communication between the performers and the public. With suddenly boundless strength, at the moment when the whole world is at our feet, at a time when we are still just on the point of making a decision, then can we gain sight of increases and drops in tension, euphoria and the fullness of life and death.

The concept of the project was influenced from the outset by the dual mentality of Mexican and Czech artists working together. The two dramatic levels of the performance reflect this. At one level all is focussed, contemplative and extremely calm - sometimes displaying unbearable passivity, while at the other there is unusual and surprising harshness in ever - present sadistic and surreal experiments. The parallel levels are linked by the „main character“, Axolotl, a bizarre species of amphibian which has its own dual mentality: it can live and reproduce in the larval state like an immature individual, or it can be transformed, under certain conditions, into an adult reptile.
This presentation made possible in collaboration with the Theatre Institute, thanks to support from The Czech Ministry of Culture and the City of Prague as part of the Czech Theatre Season in Latin America project. Special thanks to the Mexican Embassy in Prague, the CONACULTA Mexican Council for the Arts and the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs.