Pocket Circus
performance length: min
no language barrier

A performance by the 2nd year students of the Studio of Clown Stage and Film Art at the JAMU University in Brno, supervised by Pierre Nadaud. Awlmost an Owl is similar to the pocket circus and explores the topic of the avian world. It has seven solo pieces and three duets which merge the poetry of clowns, animals, the human body and objects.

We will see how a motorbike helmet becomes the pedestal for a man-egg, how a woman with crutches changes into a seagull, how a man with a sword reminds us of a falcon, how avian our gestures, our thoughts, and our bodies as a whole are. The students basically learn how to juggle. It is a school of tranquility and humbleness – to animate objects which then physically enter into the relationship between the performer and the spectator.