An improvised experimental testimony about human relationships ...a woman, a man, and a fictitious grandad... « People want a guarantee that tey will be beloved til the day they die. Such guarantees do not exist. Only faith exists... Once you begin to have doubts obout the other one, the relationship starts to disintegrate. Love is a decision» Johanes Moollehave, a Danish philosopher The Ashes is an improvised experimental project that reveals the reality of the relationship between a man and a woman that most people know, however, do not accept. The story is told under the surface: the fictitious grandad makes plots, the couple come into conflict, their life goes on somewhere on the border between madness and reality… It is a close cooperation of two actors, who know both each other and each other’s weaknesses very well. The frames of the particular scenes allow for a lot of improvisation supported with poetic pictures and visual moments in space In their latest performance the ANTENA theatre begin to use a means which has not been very typical for them so far, i.e. words. Their language is very simple. The dialogues are in English and subtitles are used, the purpose of which is not only practical but they are also to stress the visual character of the whole performance.