Dance Novel
performance length: min
no language barrier

Asleep, perhaps she has slept-in in the cold armour of the morning …
A dance novel on the life of four women. The performance with the martial arts feeling builds on the atmosphere which reminds of Nó Japanese theatre.
Faces appear as masks. The dancers look for the true gesture. Lightning-fast movement is followed by sculpture-like inertia. It is a night in wartime. A night which will teach you much before the new day comes.

Pierre Nadaud has succeeded in creating a mysterious, even slightly frightening and ominous atmosphere. This is hugely supported by the music, which at times discreetly shapes the mood of the situation, and most importantly by the lighting design which unveils only as much as is necessary to match the timing of the movement. The dancers have shown great potential; a work like this requires an unimaginable degree of inner concentration.
A Different Morning may induce tension which won’t let you loose.
Review: Daniela Zilvarova, Tanecni aktuality magazine.

Studio tanca is a professional Dance theatre based in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia since 1998. It offers original pieces of contemporary Slovak dance and supports non-conventional Slovak artistes. So far it has presented over twenty full-feature projects. It collaborates with many contemporary Slovak artists and foreign guests and often performs on the stage at home as well as at prestigious international festivals (Bohemia, Poland, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Japan, Belgium, India).
Pierre Nadaud – dancer, choreographer and teacher. He comes from Dijon, France; he studied in Lyon and Paris and graduated from the Department of Non-verbal and Comedy Theatre at the HAMU university in Prague. He is the head of the Studio of Clown Stage and Film Art at the JAMU University in Brno. He has collaborated with many leading figures in contemporary dance, such as Lizzy Le Quesne, Karine Ponties, and Paco Decina.
Partner: Slovenský inštitút
Thanks to: Vladimír Valovič, Ingrid Hohošová
Supported by the Town of Banska Bystrica

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