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“…It’s about the necessity and impossibility to adapt yourself…” After several years of forming their own theatre language in pure stage improvisations, the group KREPSKO once again turned their attention to their own non-improvised pieces this season. After the April opening of The Smallest Woman in the World, a project called Ada&Pter is the next. The performance will focus on just one reserved common place. In this place, some characters have gained their territories, their own place, their “calmness”. The illusion of calmness and order is, to some extent, beneficial. However, sometime and somewhere it may reach distortion. The prospects of life have inconspicuously become formatted and flattened and you become completely lost. Moreover, you won’t recognise this until someone comes and disturbs your calmness … ADA&PTER is a piece about an unexpected meeting of two incompatible principles. It’s about the necessity and impossibility to adapt yourself. It’s about the desire to join and learn, to dare to make a step towards an unknown place. About neglected similarities and a land without agreements. Who in this place knows which is better and which is worse? Do we all share the same wishes? … is a theatre a safe shelter?