From coffee to coffee
performance length: 50 min
From coffee to coffee
no language barrier
concept: ECRU , Štěpán Pácl
costumes: Magdalena Prousková
direction: Štěpán Pácl
light design: Matouš Růžička
movement support: Lucia Kašiarová
performed by: Svatava Milková, Petr Reif, Václav Jelínek
producer: Damúza o.s.
production: Bára Stejskalová
props: Magdalena Prousková
set design: Magdalena Prousková
set design: Magdalena Prousková
sound design: Šimon Janíček
video projection: Bára Stejskalová
Do we live together or just beside each other? Don’t we live with someone completely different after all? A bizarre glance at lives overflowing with the everyday. There are small events that we consciously or unintentionally repeat every day: almost all of us brush our teeth in the morning and before we go to bed, we wait at the bus stops, watch TV. Major events happen without us even noticing as we are preoccupied with daily routines. Until one day we realize that making a coffee takes longer than a giving someone a hug...

The performance combines improvisation and video projection with visually stylised scenography. Artists from various artistic disciplines were searching for a common language that could express their fascination with everydayness and especially its insidious seductiveness. We would like to capture the exceptionality of ordinary moments such as washing hands or making coffee and show, how easily can sharing of everyday activities turn into the mire of indolence. (Štěpán Pácl)

Theatrical – visual group ECRU blends multimedia techniques with scenography and light design and in collaboration with various directors, performers and actors creates movement theatre projects which outreach to other fields of visual art. The group was formed in 2006 when working together on a site-specific project Nad střechy (Above the roofs) in the former Capuchin monastery in Mnichovo Hradiště. The second collective work was Vodu po lžičkách (Teaspoonfuls of Water) performed at the VyšeHrátky Festival.

A new performance directed by Stepan Pacl shares the topic of the fragility of relationships between ordinary people and also brings forth more humour, sarcasm and gentle irony with which it touches upon the ordinariness of all of us. (Kultura21.cz)

In coproduction of Motus C.A. and Damůza C.A.

Acknowledgement: Honza Koděra, Eva Žilová, Jiří Reinberger, Hana a Zbyněk Prouskovi, Tomáš Žižka, family Stejskalovi, Šárka Maršíková, Adéla Jílková, Zorka and Tracy

premiere: October 17, 2008 in ALFREDVEDVORE Theatre

supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, The City of Prague, Život umělce Foundation, Koděra film crew, The Prague Public Transit Co. Inc., National Cutural Monument Vyšehrad, Mamapapa and MOTUS – producers of the ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre.


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