I want to negotiate with that stable situation.
06.05. 2019

An interview with Pasi Mäkelä — performer of a group Sabotanic Garden, which 'Orgy in Rhythm' is the new upcoming Alfred ve dvoře premiere

It will probably be the hardest question I could ask an artist that comes from nonverbal theater — can you describe in a few words what the show is about?

° It´s about improvisation, that happens in space within certain artists and the audience. This time we emphasize the rhythm and wonder on how many forms it can take. We are true to ourselves but also we do it in a humorist way.

There is an album called the same way as your show — 'Orgy in Rhythm' — by jazz drummer Art Blakey. Was it an inspiration or did you also include that music in the show?

° No, it was just an inspiration. When I came to Prague, I noticed there was so much noise. Many people played guitars, but there were not as many good drummers. Nowadays, there is a number of great drummers, but that lack of rhythm was my first inspiration. Then I had that Album from Art Blakey and I thought that the title is nice, so we borrowed it. During the show, we make our own music, but it's jazz musicians who inspire us — the thing that lets them to create various music from very ordered and strict basis — their borders and freedom at the same time.

You have quite an unusual structure of the play. It lasts for two days, three hours per day. Where this idea came from?

° I wanted to make a longer form and no rush. We do obscure and maybe a little trance performance so it's really time-based and a little more extra time is always welcome. But of course, six hours show in one day would be probably too much, so we divide it into two parts. I have to say that It's good to see both of them because every one of them will be different, no repetition, but it's up to you 'audience' to decide.

The first part will be made as an audio theater, without an audience, made as an acoustic experience. Why?

° Theater has a very stable structure of performers and people who are watching it. Maybe it's obvious, what I'm saying right now, but for me, that little thing makes difference. I want to negotiate with the stable situation of the theater and that's why we also divided the performance into two days, and I wanted to start it without people seeing it. There's no clear point where performance starts and ends. For us, this is an approach, opportunity to open up more in a sense of getting rid of of the traditional frames, and maybe for the audience too.

You will have some refreshment in the performance…

° Yes, because it would last long, there's gonna be a few breaks, so people can take some time to have a drink, go out and come back later. The refreshment is also a part of the installation as a whole.

You are already known for you solo performance - Walrus Vampire Show, in Alfred ve dvoře. This time you will be all together with Sabotanic Garden company — above all around 11 people from different areas of the art world. How do you share your work? How does organization work? Is there democracy in such a big group?

° I wouldn't call it democracy. It's better to say that we work together and share ideas with each other. I made some technical decisions but it's still a collective work. We also have some stable people and many others who join us in particular projects to give us some fresh air.

Will you be all on the stage during the performance?

° Yes, we will but not all of us will be active at the same time. It's really hard to gather so many artists in one place, so the creating process is quite short. But we got used to working under the pressure of time. That exciting uncertainty keeps us going.

Author: Ewa Mikula, student of dramaturgy at ATS in Kraków

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foto: Andrej Kontra - Walrus Vampire Show foto: Andrej Kontra - Walrus Vampire Show