Who we are

Motus is a independent non-profit organization founded by young artists, producers and presenters in the interest of supporting, developing and promoting new artistic works and performances. It works to continuously improve conditions for independent artist‘s creation, and to promote change and the better understanding of contemporary trends in the development of the Czech cultural scene, all with an understanding of the intrinsic role of these activities in the development of European cultural practice.

Motus has been in operation since 2001 both within the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre and outside of it. For more than 10 years, it has been helping to produce and present the devised performance works of independent innovating artists and groups.
 Past programming directors and managing producers of Motus were Šárka Havlíčková, Daniela Voráčková, and Maria Cavina. Nowadays, Ewan McLaren is artistic director, Milena Dörnerová - operations manager, Barbora Šlapáková PR manager, Jan Kalivoda head technician, Petr Tyc chairperson of the board.

International cooperation:

  • For the years 2013-2015 Motus, in cooperation with the Goethe Institut, Warsaw, The Centre for Culture in Lublin, and the State School of Dance, Athens, is participating in the „Identity.Move!“ project, thanks to which ten to twelve new choreographic concepts will be developed.
  • Motus has been a member of EEPAP since May 2012.
  • In April 2012 Motus co-hosted the Prague Quadrennial's international Symposium on Devised Performance.
  • Since 2011 Motus has cooperated with the L1 Dance Association of Budapest on Visegrad projects: Flying Low Workshop 2011 Budapest, and Laboratorium of Dance Criticism 2012 Budapest.

Most important awards:

Dance of the Magnetic Ballerina, co-production by Andrea Miltnerová and Motus, has been selected by the prestigious European network Aerowaves as one of their priority performances for 2013.
In 2004 has Motus received the Příští vlna / Next Wave Award for founding the New Web touring network, supporting independent artistic groups.

Motus z.s., producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre


  • To provide opportunities for new artistic ideas and contribute to achievement in creative experiment
  • To present innovative performance creation and provoke continuous research
  • To provide space for the rehearsal and preparation of new projects
  • To provide consultation and mentoring for the creation of such works
  • To create partnerships with other organizations working in the same field
  • To introduce and promote innovative artistic thought and projects to the general public and audiences
  • To document new work and create a database archiving materials about individual projects
  • To create with a view to artistic cross-over and cooperate with organizations working outside the artistic field

post address and office:
Veverkova 28, Praha 7, 170 00
phone/fax: (+420) 233 376 985

seat and billing address:
Motus z.s.
Veverkova 28, Praha 7, 170 00
IČO: 26527120

Alfred ve dvoře theatre
Františka Křížka 36, Praha 7, 170 00
tel. 233 376 997

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Petr Tyc

Maria Cavina
Daniela Voráčková

Artistic director
Ewan McLaren

Members of Motus society
Jiří Adámek
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Maria Cavina
Jakub Grosman
Jakub Hybler
Howard Lotker
Ewan McLaren
Tomáš Procházka
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