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art theatre

A young maid awaits her fiancé. He left for foreign lands long ago. The maid often prays for his return. One evening, the boy appears. He asks her to marry him and the same night takes her away to his castle. They wander through the night down untrodden ways, through forests and swamps … to the graveyard. Only there does the girl understand where her boy came from and where he is taking her. To the netherworld! She hides in the morgue where the cadaver cannot reach her because of her honest prayer. The morning crowing of a flock of cockerels brings deliverance. The ANPU Theatre was looking for a fable, song or a ballad. It was the Wedding Gown, whose literary and thematic diversity enabled them to prepare a creative and experimental piece where the main role is played by everyone and everything. This means the actors, puppets, masks, voice, music, lights, candles, pictures, shadows … feelings. “For us, the Wedding Gown is a true literary treasure. And we found it nice to prepare it for children as well as adults so that everyone could dive into that “fairy tale” which will then guide them through a rather atypical theatre. The performance is for both adults and younger viewers - there is no need to worry: just as in a fairy-tale, this romantic horror will end happily.”