performance length: 40 min
physical theatre
no language barrier

What is it like to be a foreigner? The Croatian–Czech project based on the principles of physical theatre seeks to analyse the situation where your partner is a foreigner. To what extent are we able to tolerate, accept and adopt a different culture, not just the temperament, behaviour, and habits but also the sounds, gestures or language of our partner - a foreigner? How is the broader family going to react on meeting him and how is he going to perceive them? What problems arise in the relationships between locals and foreigners and how can we solve them? Are foreigners a benefit or a problem for society?

We focused on the phenomenon of being a foreigner and different from the majority of Czech society. The theme of the assimilation and integration of a foreigner into society logically presents both positive and negative reflections and reactions of the environment…

Zan Loose (1972, Mostar) studied in Prague at the Department of Non-verbal and Comedy Theatre of HAMU University. He acted in one of the main roles in the Icelandic-Czech film Silny kafe (Strong Coffee) by director Burkur Gunrasonn. He is one of the founders of the Krepsko experimental theatre group. Apart from other plays he translated into Serbo-Croatian a theatre play by Egon Tobias, Slibil jsem to Freddymu (I Promised It to Freddy), which under the direction of Zan Loose won the main prize at the Puf theatre festival in Pula, Croatia. He works with the Mamapapa association and with the group Jednotka/Unit.

Stanislav Majer (1978) was trained as a carpenter at the SOU in Hamr near Litvinov. In recent years he has played in the theatres Stara vodarna Louny, Multiprostor Louny, Cinoherni studio Usti nad Labem and in the project At the moment he is an actor in Divadlo Komedie in Prague.
First night: 6 October 2008 during the festival Ctyri dny v pohybu (Four Days in Motion).

Supported by: The Ministry of Culture CR, the Capital of Prague, Mamapapa o.s. and MOTUS o.s. – the Alfred ve dvore theatre production.