Just one more minute of life. Then pshhhht - Death.

Will our whole life flash in front of our eyes, or will the soul leave the body without a moment of recognition of their long, shared life? The body leaves the body and the soul leaves the soul. The last farewell. A difficult task for the dead as well at the survivors. On both shores timelessness crystallizes, space disappears entirely and the senses bend under emotional pressure.

Just like opening a bottle of soda water. Death - a perspective on life.

With Death Am I Dora Bouzková continues work she first started with senior citizens in her social crossover performance project Puppet Reminiscences, which she created with her own theatre group Puppets without Borders, as well as the Natural Childbirth performance project. Death Am I is also connected to the annual Mexican Day of the Dead event in Stromovka park every year, which Dora prepares in collaboration with Motus, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre. Death Am I is part of her ongoing explorations of the natural connections between life and death, birth and dying.

The La Calaca collective has worked together in this constellation for the first time. Some of its members have already collaborated on other works (for instance in Prší krávy – Trafačka, 2013; Enron – National Theatre, 2012; Sticker – Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, 2012). Dora Bouzková has assembled a group of personalities experienced with various performance projects not just in the Czech Republic, but abroad. La Calaca searches for shared inspiration, provocations and focusses on the adpatation, through performance, of private histories and personal messages.
With the support of: the State Culture Fund, the DAMU academy in Prague, and MOTUS, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, Meetfactory.

Many thanks to: Matěj Samec, Adoración Terrazas de Krška, Krusha, Eva Vanišová, Marcela Sidonová

Death Am I | photo: Daniela Klimešová