Décalages - theatre in motion
performance length: 60 min
theatre of movements
no language barrier

Fantasy for a puppet and two actors-acrobats, a branch, rope, ship, cage, sharp hook...all gently sprinkled with magic powder. Inspired by a story of Peter Pan.
This is a story of a young boy who refused to grow up. To stay a child forever, never to step into reality, live in an imaginary world, be free...Many children and adults dream about being like Peter Pan : eternal. He creates his own perfect world where time has no meaning and every single moment contains the Adventure...

In this world, two eccentric characters: an ingenuous, quick tempered and moody Fairy, so tiny, there is only space for a single feeling at a time in her heart and a Pirate, cruel, courteous and mortal who in fact fears the merciless flow of time and his own blood.

"Bez Země" is a story suspended in the air, somewhere between an imaginary Earth and a real world, with no time period specified, set in a place where childhood is not yet completely gone.

There will be Acrobatic Workshop for kids prepared by Décalages on the 1st of April. For more details contact Vladimira Lenertova at

Photo: Miroslav Halada