Cristina Maldonado (MEX)
performance length: 60 min
tactile VJing
no language barrier
movement support: Věra Ondrašíková
performance: Cristina Maldonado
produced by: Jedefrau.org

Simple things, in the right frame, can make a difference. This performance is a statement against passivity and disbelief in the power to change what we perceive, especially when fear paralyzes us.

What She Does is a video-performance that re-interprets a thriller from the 60s by making live physical interventions to invade and damage the composition of scenes where women face jeopardy, mind manipulation, sadism, coercion and kidnapping; the performer reacts intuitively to these situations, exercising what she can do to affect them; dealing with her own fear, her need to destroy evil and her need to identify with it.

Cristina Maldonado is a Mexican artist whose background in body movement lends a unique approach to her visual and conceptual experiments with video, sound, collage and performance, giving a palpable tactility that not only invokes the audience sensually, but also leads us to the realm of comfort and beyond. Her work unifies experimental theatre, dance, participatory art, new and old media, her topics are body, communication and intimacy. She creates experiential frames such as sound installations, phone-call performances, videos and objects, all of them connected with live action. She works alone or in collaboration with artists from different disciplines and has performed in Mexico, Eastern Europe, New York and Montreal.
Since 2003 she has been directing various art and theater projects in Czech Republic such as Experiment in Terror, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art (2011), Theorem of Wanting, Roxy/NoD (2009), Fact, Festival 4+4 days in motion (2004), Study on Fact and Fragility, PQ (2010), Audio-witness, Honestly Old, MeetFactory (2010), Melodrama Mexicano, Transteatral Festival (2010). Cristina Maldonado was supported by Creadores con Trayectoria between years 2012-14 and Grant of the National Fund for Arts and Culture (FONCA).
Special Thanks to: National Fund for Arts and Culture (FONCA). Jedefrau.org is supported by Ministry of Culture and City of Prague.