no technology / A trip to the edge of desolation
An attempt to meditate in motion. The stage is silent while the audience with headphones listen to four different performance soundtracks created by four different alternative musicians. Minimalist dance on a silent stage and a close listening to sound in the headphones. Tension between continuous encounters, misses and synthesis of music and motion.
The final sequel to the BODY AND TECHNOLOGY trilogy. The previous performances (Noise, Red Green Blue) focused on the interaction between man and audiovisual devices on the stage. This time, technology steps outside the performing scope and shifts to involve solely the viewer. Performance which abandons the safety of its genre.


Silence is an experiment which may rise questions about the meaning of theatre and shifting of limits of interpersonal communication in the current world.
(Iva Machačová, EX / Reflex magazine insert, December 2006)
supported by: Ministry of culture of the Czech Republic, MOTUS C. A. – ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre production